AgilePalooza September 30th 2011 Speaker Bios


Mike Cottmeyer

Mike is an independent agile coach that provides agile training, agile coaching and agile transformation services. Previously, he served as Vice–President and General Manager of Pillar Technology Southeast, and prior to Pillar, was a product consultant and agile evangelist for VersionOne. Mike has 20+ years experience leading IT initiatives using a combination of traditional, agile and lean project management best practices. Mike is a certified PMP Project Manager and a certified ScrumMaster. Mike speaks internationally on the topic of Agile Project Management and writes for several blogs including and He served on the board of APLN and the Lean Software and Systems Consortium. He currently co–leads the PMI Agile Community of Practice.

Doug Shimp

Douglas E. Shimp has 18 years of experience in the technology field and has played key roles in software development (developer, QA, Analyst, Manager, Leader, Coach and Consultant etc). Doug whose passion is about teams and applied learning for real product development is establishing himself as a leader in this area. He believes that the core bases for applied agile is that “You must see the result for it to be real; otherwise it is all just theory to the individual”. He is actively writing a book on Scrum Topics.

One of Doug’s distinctions is his focus on the interaction of technology and corporate cultural issues. He is an active writter on numeros blogs and a regular speaker at conferences (you can often find Doug at one of our events). He has taken his passion for bending technology to help people better communicate. Doug is actively using his passion to improve technology and people interactions. He has establish both inperson and online communities and regulary fosters social networks where individuals and companies can build better reputations. Doug is a Certified Scrum Trainer with the Scrum Alliance and an Trained Facilitator with Innovation Games™.

Dave Nicolette

Since starting his IT career as a programmer in 1977, Dave has served in a variety of roles in IT departments of all sizes, including technical lead, enterprise architect, project manager, business analyst, and tester. He has always had a strong interest in process improvement and methodology. Since 2002, Dave has focused primarily on Agile methods, and more recently on applying Lean Thinking and Systems Thinking to IT processes and on blending the best of proven and emerging methods, with due attention to organizational and domain context. He has significant experience in coaching development/delivery teams, IT management, and business stakeholders in Agile and Lean methods. Dave is active in the Agile and Lean communities as a speaker, writer, trainer, and coach, frequently appearing at conferences and user group meetings. Dave still keeps one foot in the technical camp, coaching teams in the use of sound software development practices as well as helping management and stakeholders understand how to achieve and sustain strong end–to–end delivery performance.

John Galioto

John is an Executive Vice President at emergn.  He has over twenty-five years of global IT consulting experience including ten at the executive management level.  During his career John has helped many Fortune 1000 clients throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa realize dramatic business results on strategic consulting and systems development and integration projects.  John began working with agile in 2004 and is passionate about developing software in an iterative manner.  He is a certified scrum master and an industry leader in agile best practices.  He is currently training for the NYC marathon, iteratively of course!

Lee Cunningham

Lee Cunningham is an experienced Agile coach and practitioner who is passionate about working with organizations and individual teams to help them consistently deliver high–value, high–quality software. Lee currently is with the VersionOne services group as an Agile coach and product trainer. Over his 12 years in IT, he has played many different traditional roles, including analyst, software engineer, development manager, QA manager, release manager, project manager, and program manager.

Lee’s journey into Agile began quite organically, as he implemented common sense practices to empower teams under his leadership while involving the “business” more in the decision–making and the delivery process. Lee is energized by working with people at all organizational levels to help make Agile practices relevant and effective. He typically works with several different groups each month, consulting, training, and coaching.

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